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Ekonomska škola Mije Mirkovića Rijeka


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Ispis statistike od 1. 9. 2014.

Ukupno: 976749
Ovaj mjesec: 2382
Ovaj tjedan: 4
Danas: 4
About the school

School of Economics Mijo Mirković Rijeka

It was built in 1858 and it is a part of the cultural heritage.
It was used as the army facility, police building in 1914 and rearranged for educational purposes in 1915.
Educational activities started in 1911.
It has 869 pupils and 72 teachers.

Students are educated for the following professions:

Students are educated in financing and commercial business, accounting, marketing, book keeping etc. They can start their own company according to enterpreneurship capability and interest.

A person who can work in different institutions like: social and health insurance, the Government agencies and/or local authorities. He/she can work on transcripts, rewriting documents but he/she doesn’t have the legal right to write contracts or any other legal documents.

A capable secretary should learn how to deal with all sorts of communication techniques. He/she must have strong IT skills, be well organised and trained to communicate with different clients/business partners. Above all, it is necessary to follow office communication development (rules and legislation) and learn to adjust quickly and efficiently.

For children with more serious functional and/or motoric dissabilities, since the school year 2006/2007. It lasts 3 years. After graduation, children are capable to perform simple administrative work.

Put an enphasis on new projects, partnerships and ideas in order to become more successfuland recognisable within our town, county and state, we want to make a difference!


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