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Ispis statistike od 1. 9. 2014.

Ukupno: 780770
Comenius project
Business ideas for the future
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 13. 4. 2011. 18:31


Bussiness ideas for the future 2010 - 2012
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 21. 6. 2012. 09:32

If you are interested in what we have done over the past two years, search for attachments of the meetings!


Seventh International Project Meeting, Bacau, Romania
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 16. 5. 2012. 14:00

From 8th to 12th May 2012 teachers Nino Sertić and Goran Marijan, and students Andrej Cindrić and Bernard Jobst attended the seventh international project meeting in Bacau, Romania.


Fifth meeting in Estonia
Sanja Čop Barbarić / datum: 14. 12. 2011. 09:49

From 29th November  to  4 th December 2011 teachers Sandra Bujačić and Laura Grubišić attended the international project meeting in Tallin, Estonia along with the student Ivana Bačlija. 



Fourth mobility to Germany
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 25. 10. 2011. 23:01

From 29th September to 4th October 2011 professors Josip Tomljanović, Goran Marijan, Dolores Guštin, Neva Brnić and Nino Sertić attended the international project meeting in Glonn, Germany along with the students Marko Antonio Kobašević and Ivana Kusturin.


Third meeting in Croatia
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 10. 5. 2011. 22:23


From 6th to 9th May 2011 our school was the host of the third international project meeting. There were teachers and students from our partner schools from six European countries: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain. 


Second mobility to Spain
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 13. 4. 2011. 18:27

From 18th to 22nd March 2011 professors Ante Županić and Branimir Peranić attended the international project Comenius held in Spain in Onil, along with the students of 3rd class: Emira Adžajlić and Ivo Jurčić.


First mobility to Italy
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 18. 11. 2010. 11:52


From 7th to 11th November 2010 our teachers Višnja Prostran i Đurđica Kolar attended the international project meeting in Novara, Italy,  together with our pupils Andrea Lukić and Matea Čelik (3.i).


Comenius - a step into the future
Đurđica Kolar / datum: 4. 11. 2010. 10:31

During the last month our Comenius team has successfuly finished our first task for the mobility which will take place in Novara, Italy, in Liceo scientifico statale Alessandro Antonelli, from 7-12th November. The results and impressions will be presented after.


COMENIUS PARTNERSHIPS -Helping schools team up across Europe
Sanja Čop Barbarić / datum: 7. 5. 2012. 21:07


Đurđica Kolar / datum: 4. 11. 2010. 10:37


On Wednesday, 15th September 2010 the project team and students representatives introduced the project and its objectives, implementation and schedule to the local and educational authorities. The importance of the project for the students and teachers has been stressed, especially regarding communication and sharing the experience with all the participants. The representatives of local and educational authorities showed great interest and offered support to the project within their resources.



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